Haslet Completes Multi-Year Internship at FCHS Museum

Aimee Haslet of Tionesta began her internship at the History Museum in the summer of 2018, right after she graduated from high school. She is on-track to graduate from Clarion University
this December and will begin her graduate study in speech pathology at Clarion in January 2022. During her four summers working with the Forest County Historical Society, Aimee completed a number of projects. These included creation of a scavenger hunt for kids and several PowerPoint presentations to display in the museum. These include presentations on the artifacts on the second floor of the museum, the basement, and the lumber camp. The digital presentations allow people with mobility issues to see these artifacts without navigating the stairs. Aimee also spent countless hours updating our accession records.

Best wishes, Aimee, and thank you for all your hard work!

Special thanks to Mr. Jim Brunner

We ended our Tuesday Talks at the museum last night. Special thanks to Mr Jim Brunner, Forest Press columnist for a great ending to our season with “The magic  of your own back yard.”  Thank you Jim for reminding us what a gem we have here in Forest County.
Last night after the talk we ended the season with cookies and visiting with the friends we have made this summer. This summer we have seen 223 visitors come to hear these short talks about concerns to Forest County. Thank you to all who came and shared and got to know their neighbors a little better as well as learn about Forest County. We hope to see you again next year. If you know of a person. Or subject you would like to see next season, or if you could share your appreciation of any part of Forest County please let us know through our email forestcountypahistory@gmail.com
See you next summer.

Special Thanks to Matt Savinda

Special thanks to Matt Savinda from the Pa Game Commission. Matt gave a very animated talk about owls found in Pa including identifying the sounds they make.

Next week we will welcome Amanda Hetrick, superintendent of Forest Area Schools and Elisha Pospisil, director of curriculum. Amanda and Elisha will play piano and guitar and sing “Songs of the South”. Afterwards we hope everyone will stick around and enjoy a dish of ice cream with us.

Tuesday Talks are a lecture series which talk about matters of Forest County concern. The lectures are free for members and guests are $5.00. Please come join us Tuesday august 17 to kick off Indian Festival with some songs and ice cream.

Special Thanks to E.G. Bell

We had another outstanding talk at the museum. E.G. Bell, writer for the Forest Press, gave us an appreciation for “The Magic of The Forest”.   E. G. Bell is now living the dream that was planted in him so long ago by his grandfather. He came to the mountains as a child and fell in love with the whole area. He says he carries the forest with him wherever he goes and has found a forest connection with people all over our country. Thank you E. G. Bell!

Next week we welcome Matthew Savinda from the Pennsylvania Game Commission who will talk about owls. Come learn about this amazing bird which is very prevalent in Forest County.
Tuesday Talks at the Museum is a lecture series offered each Tuesday throughout the summer.  Talks are always free for members while guests are asked for $5.00 which can include a tour if you come early before the 7:00 speaker. Hope to see you there.

Special Thanks to Doris Bisker England

We were honored to have with us Doris Bisker England, author of In the Forest. Doris drew a record crowd of people wanting to hear about life in the past. Her daughter Diane joined her and read some excerpts from her book in between questions. Doris lives in New Jersey now, but she and some family members traveled back to what will always be home.

Next week we will have another writer from the Forest Press, Ed Bell. Ed will be talking about the manic of the forest and how he was introduced to the area and the impact it has had on him. Please come join us for our Tuesday lecture series at 7:00-8:00 each Tuesday through the summer. Talks are always free to members while guests are asked for a $5 donation which can include a tour of the museum if you come before 7:00. Hope to see you next week.

Special Thanks to Terry Janosik

A special thanks to Terry Janosik who spoke on “Forgotten Tionesta“. Terry is a video hobbyist and has travels up beyond the Tionesta Lake and Dam. He told us about Braceville and the many sawmills that were booming in the 1800’s. There are even some structures that are still standing!

Next week we have Doris Bisker England, author of “In the Forest” and writer for the Forest Press. She will talk about growing up in Tionesta. Please join us on Tuesday at 7:00. It is always free for members and $5.00 for guests.

Special Thanks to Brian Hale

Special thanks to Brian Hale for a very informative talk on the Puritin Pottery and Evenflo factory in Tionesta. Brian’s presentation was quite interactive and it was amazing how many in the audience had worked at Evenflo and had memories.

Next week we welcome Kevin Carter of Marienville. Kevin is a community minded, concerned citizen in the Marienville area. He has spearheaded a process for restoring the Marienville Railroad station and working on the Marienville Four Seasons Trail. Come hear what is happening now and yet to come!

Special Thanks to Steve Sorenson

Forest County Historical Society would like to thank Steve Sorenson for an outstanding presentation about coyotes. Steve brought in a record number of visitors from far and wide.

Please join us next Tuesday as Roxanne and Jerry Thornton present a “History of East Forest School”. They taught for a combined 55.5 years at East Forest and have both been very active in the Marienville community.

Special thanks to Georgene Searfoss

We would like to send out a special thank you to Georgene Searfoss for telling the story about Elsie Machle who spent the summers of 1911 and 1912 at the home of the McKean’s in Endeavor.

Next week we will welcome Hilary Jebitsch from The Lumber Heritage Region. Hilary has been hired as a Project Researcher to complete a study on Diversity within our lumber region.  Although information on diverse groups of people is challenging to find, Hilary has some interesting stories she will share with. Forest County Historical Society partners with the Lumber Heritage Region representing Forest County our “little neck of the woods”.

Special thanks to Peggy Butler

Forest County Historical Society is off and running with our lecture series, Tuesday Talks at the Museum. We doubled our attendance from the average of last year, and we hope that is an indication that people are coming back to enjoy learning about items of interest to Forest County.

We would like to send out a special thank you to Peggy Butler for her wonderful presentation about our state insect – the firefly. The audience was very engaged and happy to learn about how scientists from around the world have come to Forest County and pointed out that we have the unique synchronous firefly. Peggy and her husband Ken have put together the Firefly Festival which is now in it’s ninth year.

Next week we will welcome Georgene Searfoss, author of “Longings of the Heart”. The book has several chapters which detail Elsie Machle White and her experiences in Endeavor with the Wheelers, members of the Penn State Forestry class, and the Endeavor Presbyterian Church. Elsie spent the summers of 1911 and 1912 at the home of the McKeans in Endeavor and on December 6, 1912 she was married at the church. Please come out and welcome Georgene to Forest County while she visits the place Elsie Machle White fell in love with a century ago.