Forest County’s Colorful Heritage: Coloring & Activity Book


I am Pixon Pennesta, historian and unofficial mascot of the Forest County Historical Society.

My name was chosen from two of the suggestions summitted by students in the Historical Society’s “name the pigeon” contest. My job is to help tell the story of Forest County’s history, so you will see me on every page in this coloring book talking about some of our local history.

The Forest County Conservation District paid for creation of this book to help teach everyone about protecting our environment, conserving natural resources, and learning from mistakes made in the past. Mistakes like hunting my species, the Passenger Pigeon, to extinction in the 1800’s. Have you ever been to Pigeon? It’s a village in Forest County near Marienville. It was named Pigeon because so many would roost in the trees there that they would break the branches, and they darkened the sky when they flew overhead. That must have been a LOT of pigeons!

I will tell you about some other conservation and local history in this book too. Like the Allegheny National Forest, the Wilderness Act, Forest County’s first settlers, the Native Americans who lived here, and some of the exhibits in the museum. I hope you enjoy coloring and learning about Forest County’s History!

Come visit us at the Forest County Historical Society Museum in Tionesta to learn more and see all kinds of interesting artifacts from the past.

Plan to visit this season and don’t forget to pick up one of our coloring & activity books.