Suffragette Celebration

The Forest County Historical Society held a Celebration Parade to commemorate the 100th year since the passing of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.  The lawn was speckled with over 46 women, most in white with yellow sashes.  One woman even wore her great grandmother’s white dress for the occasion. 

Everyone was welcomed and learned that there was a parade on the same street in 1915 to support the passage of the amendment.  Helen (Adams) Lynch, born in Tionesta 1902, wrote of her mother: “My mother was a very dedicated member of the organization. Their chosen color was yellow. I recall a Memorial Day parade, consisting of our small village band, marching children, and decorated cars. Our Model T was one of them, with a lot of yellow cloth draped over the windshield and lights. At that time, we had a yellow cat, and I do not recall how my father managed it, but I do remember that our yellow cat had a conspicuous place in the total effect. Today, no doubt, it would all be deemed corny, but in that parade, it got a lot of attention.”

We also know that Forest County, like most of Northern and Western Pennsylvania, voted for suffrage. In August of 1920, their efforts paid off and the United States ratified the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote

This day we not only celebrated this amendment, but we celebrated the men and women of Forest County for their hard work to make this space honorable for all citizens to work and play and live together in the forest.

After the welcome we heard from State Representative Kathy Rapp, who represents the western half of Forest County. 

Women then marched two blocks down to the Tionesta Market Village carrying signs and chanting slogans.  We then crossed the street and back to the History Museum where we heard a few words from State Representative, Donna Oberlander, representing the eastern Forest County.  So all of Forest County is represented by women.

It was a fun event and all that participated seemed to enjoy the day.

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