tree planting at park

Tree Planting In Tionesta

Through a grant from the TreeVitalize program, FCHS planted 10 decorative trees at Tionesta Park. After a training session conducted by Marah Fielden of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, along with other volunteers, planted the trees on Saturday, May 11th.

Tionesta Borough dug the holes prior to the day of planting.  SCI Forest’s Community Service Program finished digging the holes to the 3’ wide and 3’ deep size recommended to accommodate the 300-pound root ball on each tree. 

The idea for the grant originated with a dream of board member Burke Beach who wanted to return the elm trees to Elm Street.  The grant required trees to be planted on public property, but there wasn’t enough room on public land available along Elm Street.  Four elm trees were purchased by FCHS, with two planted at Riverside Cemetery and two in the front yard at the History Museum.  After the trees were planted, participants were treated to a picnic lunch. 

For the next two years, the Forest County 4-H group will weed and mulch the trees in June and the Tionesta Volunteer Fire Department will fill the water bladders attached to each tree as needed during the summer months.

Keeping Forest County beautiful takes a group effort.  We thank all of the individuals who are a part of this latest effort to be enjoyed by all for years to come.