Looking for Women and girls to celebrate

There is no Indian Festival parade this year and yet this is the one hundredth year since women got the right to vote in the 19th amendment.  Forest County voted in favor of the 19th amendment.  Women in Forest County had been working hard to bring about this change.  They had a parade in 1915 promoting this worthy cause.  So, we at the Forest County Historical Society plan to have our own celebration parade on Saturday August 15th.  Our parade will be at 11:00 and we will march from the Historical Society to the Market Village (2 blocks) and back. We will use the sidewalks so we do not stop traffic.  We would like to invite any women or girls to join us in the celebration parade.  If you rsvp (8147582409) either by text or voice, we will have a sash ready for you to wear.  White dresses were the traditional color the suffragettes wore with their sashes to parade, but you may wear whatever you have in black or white.  You may bring a sign to carry if you like.  After the parade we plan to recreate the following two photos. 

The celebration will also include our traditional “Cookie Barn” from 10:00-2:00 where we sell 5” cookies for $1.00.  Our Model T will be out on the lawn decorated in yellow which was the chosen color of Tionesta women.  Please join us.  

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