Special thanks to Peggy Butler

Forest County Historical Society is off and running with our lecture series, Tuesday Talks at the Museum. We doubled our attendance from the average of last year, and we hope that is an indication that people are coming back to enjoy learning about items of interest to Forest County.

We would like to send out a special thank you to Peggy Butler for her wonderful presentation about our state insect – the firefly. The audience was very engaged and happy to learn about how scientists from around the world have come to Forest County and pointed out that we have the unique synchronous firefly. Peggy and her husband Ken have put together the Firefly Festival which is now in it’s ninth year.

Next week we will welcome Georgene Searfoss, author of “Longings of the Heart”. The book has several chapters which detail Elsie Machle White and her experiences in Endeavor with the Wheelers, members of the Penn State Forestry class, and the Endeavor Presbyterian Church. Elsie spent the summers of 1911 and 1912 at the home of the McKeans in Endeavor and on December 6, 1912 she was married at the church. Please come out and welcome Georgene to Forest County while she visits the place Elsie Machle White fell in love with a century ago.

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