Special Thanks to Doris Bisker England

We were honored to have with us Doris Bisker England, author of In the Forest. Doris drew a record crowd of people wanting to hear about life in the past. Her daughter Diane joined her and read some excerpts from her book in between questions. Doris lives in New Jersey now, but she and some family members traveled back to what will always be home.

Next week we will have another writer from the Forest Press, Ed Bell. Ed will be talking about the manic of the forest and how he was introduced to the area and the impact it has had on him. Please come join us for our Tuesday lecture series at 7:00-8:00 each Tuesday through the summer. Talks are always free to members while guests are asked for a $5 donation which can include a tour of the museum if you come before 7:00. Hope to see you next week.

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