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Special thanks to Brian Hale

Special thanks to Brian Hale for the very informative and well presented talk and virtual walk through of Tionesta and the History of the buildings there. He is a wealth of knowledge. Next week, August 11th, we will have Nancy Sweda from the Forest County Arts Council to talk about the Arts council and some […]

Special thanks to Burke Beach

Special thanks to our own Burke Beach for his excellent presentation of the Civil War, especially the 83rd of Tionesta. Burke was very informative and even let us shoot blanks from his official gun. Next week we have the pleasure of Brian Hale, FCHS Historian, Elementary teacher, Forest Press columnists and author of “Kapp Setlement”. […]


Looking for Women and girls to celebrate There is no Indian Festival parade this year and yet this is the one hundredth year since women got the right to vote in the 19th amendment.  Forest County voted in favor of the 19th amendment.  Women in Forest County had been working hard to bring about this change.  They […]

Special thanks to Ashley Sweda

Special thanks to Ashley Sweda for his presentation on the history of Forest County permaculture and where do we go from here.  Ashley, along with his wife Nancy, is the owner of Full Circle Artisan Farm.  We had an intimate group sit out on the lawn and reminisce.  Next week we welcome Burke Beach Civil War (volunteered as […]

Special thanks to Bernadette Holzer

Thank you to Lions former District Governor, Bernadette Holzer, and over 50-year Lion member, Bill Wallace, for their excellent presentation on the History of the Tionesta Lions.  The Tionesta Lions have been in existence for 81 years.  It was great to hear about the activities of our local club and how they meet the mission […]

Special thanks to Eric Cepak

Special thanks to Eric Cepak, Forest County office of Veterans affairs. Erick spoke at our Tuesday Talk and told us about some times he was able to help Forest County veterans or their families to get Benefits. Some benefits are based on income and some are not. Eric is a great asset to our county […]

Special thanks to Amanda Hetrick and Elisha Pospisil

Special thanks to Amanda Hetrick, Forest Area Schools Superintendent as well as Elisha Pospisil for entertaining us at our Tuesday Talks at the museum on June 30, 2020. Elisha played the guitar while Amanda taught us about the suffragette movement and the songs they sang to express themselves.At one time, in another state, the women’s […]

Special thanks to Ron Heasley

Special thanks to Ron Heasley for his Tuesday Talk at the Museum on June 23.  Ron stepped up when the woman scheduled to speak had to decline due to a hospital stay.  Ron talked about memories of the Tionesta Beach.  We had ten people attend who laughed at old pictures and reminisced about the last […]

History Center Opening

Governor Wolf has declared Forest County green as of May 29, 2020. We at the Forest county History Center plan to re-open on Friday June 12. Our hours for this year are Monday through Saturday noon – four o’clock except on Tuesday when we will once again offer our lecture series, Tuesday Talks at the […]